Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Adventures: Las Vegas Highlights

Ain't jetlag a massive bitch. It's taken me almost 2 days to get over flying back from the States, not great when it's remembrance weekend and I've got services etc to attend with T's regiment.

BUT at least I'm suffering off the back of something good, 6 days in Sin City itself, Las Vegas. I went out because my friends got married out there on Halloween, no pictures of the wedding because the bride and groom want them to stay private for now, but it was certainly an experience to see a Little White Chapel Wedding...


I went out with my mother & grandmother (otherwise known as rent-a-crowd if you have a wedding, FYI) and we stayed in apartment off the strip because we did some jiggery pokery with timeshare weeks and swaps. We flew direct from Gatwick with Virgin, and we were out for a total of 6 nights. 

I'd never been to Vegas before, and it's certainly different. Best description... all life found here. I'd also say that once you get over the novelty of whatever each hotel theme is, there's not that much to do that isn't eating, drinking, shopping or gambling on the strip.

Probably the only good picture I managed to take of a hotel on the strip

Not the strip and one of the coolest signs. I wish I'd been able to get a better shot

Once we got over the wedding and and the mayhem that is Vegas, we did manage to fit a few things in...

The mothership & I

We drank Margaritas... we decided that Halloween was a good opportunity to crack out some swish masks....

Doing the Gondola thing at the Venetian... The gondoliers can actually sing! 

The Venetian has it's own little canal running through part of the hotel and for about $20 per person, you can take yourself to Venice because the surroundings are to scale replicas of Venice Streets. If nothing else, it was fun. 

Vegas High Roller
The High Roller at Linq Hotel 

Like everything in Vegas, bigger is better. This 'orbital viewing platform' is just like the London Eye, except it's 109ft taller. They get really hacked off if you refer to it as a ferris wheel! The views from it are incredible and it was pretty good value for $17.50.

Getting Lucky in Vegas
You kinda can't go to Vegas without hitting a Casino...

So.... Casinos. I walked past and through many and felt they were a little sad- lots of people mindlessly loading money into digital slots. In the end my mother & I headed to the Venetian casino on our last evening, which was a little more buzzing than some we'd seen, and headed for the biggest, shiniest machine we could find. I don't know how to play most of the other casino games, and we figured we could afford to lose $20 in a slot machine. I'm quite lucky, and I have been since I was a kid, so without really knowing what we were doing- much to the amusement of all the people watching, my total cash out was $225 and change. Not bad for a half hour giggling at a machine. My mum managed $75 and we walked away happy. I bought my super tacky poker chip cushion as a little reminder of my win. 

And then it was time to come home. 

Vegas by night
Early evening flight out of McCarran

I did manage a few other fun things in Vegas- I did some serious shopping which I'll be showing off over the coming weeks no doubt, and we also managed a helicopter tour out over the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead. I find Lake Mead and the provision for water in that part of the States fascinating, so once I've finally gotten around to editing my pictures, there'll be another separate post about that too. 

Vegas is an odd place to go. Initially I wasn't sure I'd want to go back, but on reflection, I'd do it again with T, mostly because they have some huge nightclubs with headline DJs I'd kill to see. But unless you're into proper gambling or you're prepared to venture out of town regularly, it seemed to me to be a bit same-y. the same shops, the same food, the same frozen margaritas... Not that it stopped us from having fun!

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