Saturday, November 7, 2015

What I Wore: H&M Biker Style Coat

I wasn't looking for a new coat exactly. I mean sure, I knew I could probably use having more than one because I split my time between home and my Cambs base, but I didn't set out actually looking for one. And then an H&M discount code landed in my inbox, the next thing I know there's a screen full of knitwear (a particular weakness of mine) and coats. And this one fell into my basket. And I surprised myself by totally loving it.

HM Biker Coat

In previous winters, I've stuck with more fitted mac style coats, having tried looser or straighter styles and realising they make me appear about 5 times bigger than I actually am. The beauty of this coat is that it's a bit shorter, so it doesn't seem to drown me in the same way. The discount code made it £27.99, and it's still available on the H&M website for £39.99, as well as in a dark/wine red colour.

HM Biker Coat

HM Biker Coat


P.S. Yes, yes those are glittery kitty shoes! 

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