Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goal Setting: Something New For 2016

Goal setting you're probably bored witless of by now. But it's new for me. It's not something I normally enter into in the new year period, for someone who is quite obsessive when they take something on (see 2015 and running a marathon for details...), goals can be a bad thing as much as a good thing- there is a value in knowing when something is too big or too much in the scale you have set yourself.

I learned some hard lessons about pushing myself in 2015, I took myself from 0 to marathon in 8 months flat. I'm sure for some people that will seem achievable, for me it was stupid. From damage done from past injuries to time commitments, I took on too much and although I completed the marathon, it took me a month to recover and it wasn't the greatest experience I've ever had.

So, 2016. Firstly, why now? Well because contrary to the above, I very much enjoy having something to aim for. I'm a 'black and white' kind of a person, so having a clear aim or goal to reach and reaching it suits my nature. And because sport and fitness have become a part of my lifestyle and that goes hand in hand with setting some goals. Realising that at 26, unless I put some effort into being stronger and fitter, I could well see myself suffering serious health problems in the next 2 decades has been an eye opener.

Oh, and I have a shiny new Moleskine diary (which is begging to be stickered) and looking back through my last one before filing it away made me realise I set myself goals all the time and I'd be more effective if I planned them a bit better (cough *marathon training* cough).

Really hope some cool stickers come my way before too long. My 2016 diary is very naked compared to 2014/15
New vs Old... my diary is begging to be defaced! 

Onto the goals then...

1. Sub 1:00 10k
A running one to kick off with, unsurprisingly. My love of 10k distance came from the many races I took on last year for my 100k Cancer Research challenge. To keep it interesting, I'd like to see my personal best drop below 60 mins. I'm currently at 1:06:47 for my personal best, and am reaping the many benefits of more targeted running training from BRC (the running club I belong to) so this feels achievable and the horrible competitive bit of me is kept happy with a challenge.

I am a girl who runs. I am a girl who likes massive scruffy jumpers and a girl who likes snazzy nail polish. I am a girl who rides. But of all I am a girl who can, do not define me by my trainers or my lipstick, judge me on my achievements and my determin
10k... I'm coming for you! 

2. Complete a crossword
I love puzzles. The Times codeword is my absolute favourite and I can generally complete them within 40 mins. The crossword is another story and T & I even in a joint effort of a Saturday afternoon can rarely complete one entirely. I'd love to crack one, just one this year!

3. Stop buying clothes that don't fit
This might sound like an odd one, but I can't seem to get into the habit of buying the right size. I always seem to end up with something that's a size too big, or a bit too loose. I lost a lot of confidence in my early 20's and I seem to have taken to hiding in denim leggings and oversized jumpers. Now the New Year hype is over (you can read about why I don't do clear outs in January HERE), I am on a mission to lose a few things that I know are too big. They make me look and feel about as glamorous as a sack of potatoes, and there's no need for it. Sport and exercise have given me back some me that has been missing and it's time that translated back into my wardrobe.

Off to an 80th birthday afternoon tea. Rock n roll lifestyle right here.
I don't scrub up too badly really. Time to keep that at the front of my mind. 

There's nothing earth shattering here, but it's helpful sometimes to get things down in a format that means I have to use my words like an adult- it can be difficult to untangle this stuff in my head. Looking back on my blog is also something I really find fun at the end of a year. My blog has been and remains a personal blog- so it only seems fair to be throwing some goals and aims in here.

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