Thursday, January 21, 2016

Things That Happen When I Wear Real Clothes

Working from home or a home office gives me far more flexibility than I ever had in my more traditional management job previously. Gone are the days of 'no patterns' or 'must wear a jacket to attend meetings' and these days it's not unusual for me to wear nothing but my Sketchers memory foam boots (I call them my 'slippers' but they are in fact boots) and my trainers for an entire week. It's also not unusual for me to leave the house only to go running... This inevitably means there are two camps of people who react to me wearing 'real' clothes- the ones who see me wearing leggings and a massive jumper all day, and the ones who only ever see me in my running kit with my hair scraped back.

1. You look so... different?!
Usually from fellow runners. Because yes, not wearing running tights and putting make-up on (even at my low skill level) changes my appearance quite significantly. Especially with my current penchant for dark lipstick and regularly styling my hair.

I am a girl who runs. I am a girl who likes massive scruffy jumpers and a girl who likes snazzy nail polish. I am a girl who rides. But of all I am a girl who can, do not define me by my trainers or my lipstick, judge me on my achievements and my determin
What do you mean it's weird to just put a jumper on over my kit all morning rather than get dressed to get changed later? 

2. People realise I'm quite short
In another life, I wore heels every single day. Not skyscrapers, but heels enough for people to think of me as about average height thanks to an extra inch or two. Now I only wear them erratically, people notice I've suddenly gained those inches and subsequently realise that I am in fact, quite short.

3. Mirror mirror on the wall...
Well look who scrubbed up alright after all! Call me vain, but I do find catch myself glancing at mirrors as I pass when I'm wearing make-up and more than the denim leggings with a hole in them. A combination of disbelief that I don't actually look too rough and momentary thought that maybe I should just make more effort all the time usually precede my thinking that really it's all a bit too much effort for a normal day when I don't leave the house.

Off to an 80th birthday afternoon tea. Rock n roll lifestyle right here.
Rock n roll baby- off out to.... an 80h birthday afternoon tea! 

4. Why do I have nothing to wear?
Well that would be because you are so obsessive when it comes to clearing things out that you don't wear regularly Chloe. And since you don't count going for dinner as a regular occurrence, yes, yes you were foolish enough to get rid of that nice top that makes your skinny jeans and ankle boots look sort of interesting.

5. See also... why does nothing fit?
If, by some miracle I have managed not to get rid of that dress in my wardrobe I haven't worn since this time last year, I always seem a bit surprised that it not longer fits like it used to. I haven't lost or gained vast amounts of weight in the last 12-18 months, but my shaped has changed quite a lot due to the running, cycling and other training I do. And those changes in size and shape seem to be a continuing theme. It's always a bit gutting to realise the much depended upon dress for every night out is no longer viable and the stressful process of replacement could easily take weeks!

Denim Dress & Tan Ankle Boots
Things you can't see in the picture- the excess 4 inches of fabric the belt has gather in at the back of the dress.... 

Whilst it's easy to think this is a 'work from home' problem, I can imagine this must happen to those of you work in uniforms or environments that require specialist clothing? Let me know what I've missed from this list if this happens to you! 

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