Thursday, January 7, 2016

What I Wore: The Little Black Dress

This post contains items sent to me by the brand for review. I have not been otherwise compensated for writing this post or featuring this item and all views and opinions are my own. 

Ok, so here's a confession for you, the only black dress in my wardrobe until recently was a dress I bought for a funeral and have retained for the same purpose. Everything else in my wardrobe seems to either be green or patterned. I don't have a problem with that, but realised it might be nice to have an LBD in there somewhere.

In my humble opinion, a simple black dress is the ultimate answer to 'WTF is the dress code'. Unless it's ├╝ber formal (which happens to me more than I'd like, but I digress) then it's simple, stylish and goes with any given jacket in my wardrobe and most of my shoes! Luxemme is a new site to me, they take their inspiration from Parisian chic and wanted to create a brand offering up affordable on trend styles that aren't just cheap imitations.

Their full range includes everything from jackets to jumpsuits but they also have a standout limited edition line which features just a few designs of en vogue pieces that are available in a short run of 25. Once they're gone, they're gone. This Anita swing dress is part of that limited edition line (although if you hurry, there's still a few left), and I love the simplicity of the dress which enables me to indulge in some of my favourite additions.

Dress, c/o Luxemme £35

So, can we talk about the tights for a sec? They are Wolford, a gift from my parents form their trip to the States recently. I love the tie front look, I was dreading opening them and find lots of strings to tie together, but of course, they have flesh coloured patches rather and a small bow sticked on where they 'tie' together at the front. I love it as a small detail although I've since found that they look better with a slightly higher heel with my chubby ankles. Incidentally, these are Clarks heels and the red colour is a DREAM.

I'm off to research how I can improve my low light photography, because you can tell, I'm struggling in a big way (I know, it's a whinge you've heard a thousand times). I didn't help myself as these pictures were taken old skool style, as in just before I went out somewhere when this is actually what I wore, not a photo shoot set up in advance. I know, shock horror.

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