Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Month In Review: Feb 2016

Well that's that, when you think that February even on a leap year is only 2 days shorter than the longest months of the year, it's not that different, and yet somehow, a 29 day months feels so drastically shorter than any other. It's been a peaceful-ish one for me, T & I stripped back our socialising and spending fairly because we have a holiday coming in March. But peaceful is kinda nice.

Very lucky to have family with excellent taste in wine & the generosity to give it away. This is delicious.
Really rather nice wine

We're not really big into Valentine's, but tend to take advantage of offers like dine in for 2 to buy things like steak. And a nice piece of steak requires a nice bottle of wine. We are lucky to have family who love their wine, and this is local to where some of our extended family live in Southern France. It went down really very well as we sat on the sofa nursing food coma after stuffing in steak on chips on Valentine's weekend, watching Harry Potter movies. Don't you say we don't know how to live. 

Everalbum also took the opportunity to tell me that February was when I cycled to work for the very first time back in 2013.

I still can't quite believe that it's only 3 years since I wobbled my way through Poplar and out to the Docklands having not ridden a bike in over a decade. Cycling was such a huge part of my life and remains one of my 'joy factor' activities. 3 bikes and hundreds of kilometres later, I have no regrets. You can read a bit more about my cycling journey in this post I wrote: Cycling: 3 years on.

It's been a deep and meaningful month post-wise on my blog, that is when I've had the capacity to post at all. I wrote Food Is Not The Enemy and finally set it live, but it's been a brewing for a while. I think it would be fair to say that my relationship with my training schedule and the requirement that has on my nutrition took a nosedive this month as struggled to find some balance in my life, and writing this post helped me get my head back together again. Yay for catharsis.

And now for the countdown- we're flying out to Vietnam for almost 3 weeks on Good Friday, so it's all system excited here. How was your February?


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