Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 Summer Skincare Saviours for Active Women (2016)

Last summer I wrote about skincare saviours for active women. I stand by the products- and some of them are making a repeat appearance for this 2016 summer version. You can read my original post by clicking here: Skincare Saviours for Active Women.

So, the 2016 summer version. Well, I still have acne prone skin, and I suffer in particular with my back and chest. These are my absolute favourite products BUT bear in mind I also have a strict routine around swift post-workout showers, pre-workout make-up removal and laundry detergent usage as well.

Summer Skincare Saviours for Active Women

1. Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Wash
A chemical exfoliant, this wash has been part of my daily routine for many years (in fact I remember the range being released).

2. Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser
Another daily routine joy- this clay cleanser really clings to the skin and leaves it feeling deeply clean after use without dryness or tightness. Perfect for deep cleaning after a workout.

Summer Skincare Saviours for Active Women

3. La Roche Posay Serozinc
A cult favourite, but I spray this over my back and chest before exercise as well as each morning. Zinc helps with healing and inflammation and I know that before I start sweating and and that sweat sits on my skin, there's something antibacterial doing it's work already.

4.La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
My go to moisturiser for the only thing that doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. It's also the only thing that seems to slow down the oil production my face, and although marketed as an anti-blemish product, it's still suitable for sensitive skin.

5.Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser
Whilst I swear by Effaclar Duo, sometimes I need something a bit more intense, especially if I've been outside in the sun, I tend to get some drier areas on the top of my nose. This oil-free moisturiser from Origins is that extra boost without irritating my skin or causing me to break out. The tubes are pretty small too, so might be a good friend to your gym bag.

Summer Skincare Saviours for Active Women

So these are my 5 favourite products to use- I say summer saviours because I know many of you who train outside like I do will find you get hotter, sweatier and I also find I end up a lot dirtier because dust from the roads and local farming stick to my skin. I follow some other strict rules to try and help manage my skin around my training:

1. Always remove make up before training.
I know that it's a bit of a testy issue, but personally, I don't want anything sitting on my skin to clog up the pores as I get hotter and sweatier whilst I train. I also don't want to wipe make-up as well as sweat onto my towel (or even more elegant my t-shirt when I'm running)

2. Straight into the shower
I make the shower my first stop after training. I want to wash away the dirt and sweat before bacteria multiply.

3. Clean kit. Every time.
I have a lot of fitness clothes. And sometimes I think it's excessive, and then I get to Thursday morning and realise I've worn 4 sets already and still have 2 more to wear. Bacteria lives in dirty kit, so I never wear mine twice. This includes gym towels and I try and take the fabric strap for my heart rate monitor through the shower with me for a rinse each time too.


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