Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chloe Likes To Eat: Nuts for Nut Butter

Nut butters provided by

Nut butters are not new. I was the kid who lived for peanut butter sandwiches in their lunchbox- y'know, back in the 90's when we all had sandwiches in our lunchboxes. But over the last 5 years, but butters have exploded into popularity, especially with the rise of 'no added' butters. The ones that are just nuts blended into a yummy, nutty paste. They're a great source of protein and fat, and let's be honest here, I don't think we can still be friends if you can't appreciate the joy in peanut butter.

What continues to surprise me with nut butters is availability. My 1kg tub of peanut butter has to be ordered on an Ocado delivery. The price of 1kg of almond butter actually made me wince recently and I've never seen a large tub of a mixed nut butter available before. Cue

Better know for their protein powders and supplements, MyProtein make and sell a vast range of products and packages. I'm well familiar with them because I rate their whey protein for an ├╝ber convenient boost to my usual breakfast smoothie, and my dad is partial to some of the protein bars, but I wouldn't ever have thought about nut butter. Their new range of nut butters includes 1kg tubs of peanut, almond, cashew and triple nut butter, Prices start at £5.99 but MyProtein are well known for their discount codes so it's worth a quick look at their offers and stocking up on a discount.

 photo Nut butters infographic_zpszbuseukx.jpg

I don't normally go in for infographics, but I really like this one- a helpful little reminder of just how good nut butters are, and as well as the above, the very friendly people at MyProtein also sent me a box that can only be described as a dream- full of nut butter! So, obviously, I delved straight in for my favourite snack.... 

nut butter

apple & nut butter

The triple nut is a dream btw... go try it! 

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