Monday, June 13, 2016

What I Wore: Pink (p)Leather Skirt

I had an unexpected break there last week. I woke up on my birthday full of a nasty cold type bug, and it took me most of the weekend and into the following week to shake. JOY! I had a week off last week, but this cold thing wiped me out so badly that I really only managed to get in half of the things I wanted. Sometimes adulting really is very dull. On the plus side, I did actually wear clothes that weren't jeans and a t-shirt (or running/cycling kit) throughout the week to blast through a myriad of appointments, meetings and a few sneaky Vodka & Tonics with friends and family assorted.

Pink Leather Skirt 2
Skirt, ASOS - Shirt, via eBay (old) - Shoes, Clarks (old)

I bought the skirt a few months back (before our holiday) because I had one of those panic moments about having nothing to wear to a family birthday lunch. I'm aware that a leather pleated skirt may not be everyone's first thought when I say 70th Birthday Lunch, but that's just we roll.

Also, can we get a cheer for a pleated skirt that actually covers my behind? Over the years I have pretty much given up on pleated skirts, however much I've liked the look of them, because they always turn out to be this ridiculously micro length , which I'm not a fan of- this skirt is a kind of mythical perfect length where it's long enough to cover everything and sits on that super flattering just above the knee place that gives my legs some shape (that is to say- a shape that isn't tree trunk).

Oh, and the inside- feels a bit like suede so not sticky-sweaty nasty pealing the plastic fabric away from you when you stand up from your seat....

I appear to be on a bit of a roll with the whole skirts thing, because I took these pictures before realising I was running late for my train 2 days later...

Printed Midi Skirt
Shirt, as before - Skirt via eBay - Shoes, Clarks (old)

Another mythical perfect length midi skirt- as in doesn't make me look super short with no legs. What I didn't appreciate in purchasing this off white colour is that it's a bloody nightmare finding things to go with it- the white/pink & green on the flowers and the not-quite-cream-not-quite-white colour. So forgive me if it seems like I live in this almost sheer blouse, but it sort of seems to go with everything right now, and seems to complement my new unofficial uniform of pleated skirt & heels rather well. 

Needless to say.... today it's back to work... and back to jeans and a t-shirt.... 


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