Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What I Wore: Velvet Biker Jacket

There's a story and a whole load of history in the jacket. For real. I'll start off by explaining that I had it made whilst we were on holiday, it's a replica of an old faithful Topshop biker jacket that I've had for ages and love the shape of.

Velvet Biker Jacket

The fabric I took out with me. It had been sitting on a roll in my wardrobe for well over 5 years. It came to me from my Grandmother who used was commissioned to make the altar cloth for Ely Cathedral we think, around 30 years ago. She had to buy a whole roll of of 30m at the time, and after the commission and the assorted projects it has otherwise been used for over the year, I ended up with what was left on the roll. Before we left for our trip, I decided it was time to do something useful with it, and my mum suggested it would look nice as a biker jacket. And so this beauty came to be... Not bad for leftovers.

Velvet Biker JAcket 2
I have no idea what is going on with my face in the picture.... 

Velvet Biker Jacket C
Jacket & Shorts, made to measure in Vietnam - Shoes, Geox (old)

The shorts I also had made by the same tailor- I've hear a few people make comments about how horrible passe city shorts are, but I love them- like my favourite denim shorts, but slightly less casual and with a bit more coverage. I have these black ones and a lighter stone grey pair too and I sense I may wear little else for the rest of the summer months! 


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