Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Opinion: What's So Wrong With Jack Anyway?

Sometimes it seems we cannot move for the labels that both we assign ourselves or that others are more than happy to assign for us. Wife, mother, yogi, corporate, artistic, part girl, basic... I'm sure I could ask any one person and they could hand me a half a dozen more at the drop of a hat. In the haste for labels and boxes, I'm suddenly finding myself backed into a corner and so I'm adding a label of my own- Jack.

We hear the phrase Jack of all trades and master of none, and it's not a positive description, but here's a few things I've decided are working just fine for Jack...

 I run, I cycle, I dabble with weight training, and I love all of that, some of my Instagram posts have hashtags like #fitchicks and #girlswhoride in them. I am a girl who runs, a girl who rides, a girl who lifts, trains, races and challenges herself. I am a lot of other things too.

It's not just lycra and loungewear whilst we're at it, I like pretty dresses and shoes impractical shoes too. And dark lipstick and Benefit mascara.

PicMonkey Collage

I am a girl who is partial to a drink. I don't find it difficult to enjoy most of a bottle of Primitivo on a Friday evening with my homemade pizza, and I have a *thing* for small batch vodka- there is something truly special about a freezer chilled, super smooth vodka. And I'm the girl who puts Stoli in her soft drink after a bad day.

I am winning at life tonight. It's been an absolute bitch of a week thus far, but my favourite @stoli vodka & this @aldiuk watermelon & tea drink are absolutely the one. #stoli #vodka #perksofbeingagrownup

I manage recruitment companies and wear jeans and a jumper to work pretty much every day. You don't get to judge how hard I work based on my complete lack of dress code, and you certainly don't get to decide what kind of a person I am outside of my work- my job is part of my life, it does not define who I am, so keep your disdain and eye rolls to yourself,

Payroll day and I'm flying solo in the office. Diet Coke to the rescue.

Life is tough enough without putting yourself into a box and sticking an irrelevant label on it- so Jack, here's to you, because what's so wrong with Jack anyway?

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