Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An Autumn Goals Update

About this time last month, I set myself some goals for the autumn period. A few things were niggling at me and I needed to feel like I was getting shit done- the original post Autumn Goals is here- click if you missed it.

And now for the updates...

1. 10k time

I want to say this is an abject fail, but that's not strictly true. I was due to run the first of the Royal Parks Winter 10k Series on Sunday after getting back to a more regimented training routine, but I didn't even make it to spectate (Faceache was running too) as I've been out with a nasty cold bug for over a week. I thought I was on the mend on Saturday but when I woke up on Sunday I was super disoriented and struggling with my temperature so there's no tangible result here.

That said, The training regime is good, I'm enjoying feeling like I have a routine down and seeing some upper body strength kicking in.

Work out journal completely bare this week and most of last. Fed up of being under the weather now.
Sad, empty work out journal

2. Wardrobe Clearance

Go me for practising my shopping this month. I managed to steadily work through a whole load of clothes that weren't fit for donation on a 'wear and bin' session through October. The milder weather helped me out because some of those items definitely needed temperatures above the distinctly chilly 2 degree temp outside today. I took advantage of discount codes from H&M and ASOS to try and restock a little bit too- realising that I was more than a little bit short on winter clothing post clear out.

#fromwhereistand on the platform. Custom velvet biker jacket and old favourite @asos ankle boots and some of the best basics I *might have just ordered some more of from @hm #custommade
Me. Wearing actual clothes. And everything. Including my kick ass velvet biker jacket

3. MyFitnessPal Logging

I'm on it. This goal should probably more accurately say 'eat more, especially fats and proteins', but logging my meals and snacks onto the app we seem to have a love-hate relationship with is my way of being mindful of what I eat. I had noticed my energy levels suffering and and when I worked it back, I wasn't eating enough to fuel me through all the things I do between work, fun stuff, training and challenges. I'm back up to the kind of calorie level and balance of different food groups that works for me, I'm back down a kilo or so that had been hanging around lately and aside from the above mentioned bug, I'm feeling loads better.

I wouldn't say we were a cliché but.... poached eggs and avocado on sweet potato toast (complete with sriracha, obviously) after doing the crossword in bed with coffee... #brunch #saturday #lazystart #london #lifestyle #lblogger

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