Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Has That Top Really Lasted 2 Years?

I'm rolling back the clock today a bit today, indulge me, just for today?

Autumn cycling- all about @endura #supercommuter kit and new bikes

I've talked a lot about my running journey, how I came to it after no longer being practical for me to cycle to work each day. That was November of 2014, and sometimes I get little reminders of just how much has changed in 2 years, because from sometimes, it feels like nothing has changed at all.

2014: Couch 2 5K

L:2016 R:2015. I don't look that different but a marathon and 100km in races later... It sure feels different.

2015: 100 kilometres of racing, one marathon and about 300 miles of training later...

2016: Finding my happy place...

2016: the year of balance

And that's definitely the bit that's taken time to get to. I've seen a lot of before and after pictures (the black hole of the #bbg tag on Instagram is my Kryptonite) but what a lot of the those 'transformations' don't cover is the difficult bits- the moment where you realise your fitness or diet goals make you miserable and neurotic or that there is such a thing as pushing yourself too far.

Due to circumstances outside of my control this summer, I took a big break from regimented running schedules and strict workout routines, and that lead to increased drinking and a much looser hold on nutrition. And do you know, it did me the power of good.

I spend a lot of last year and most of this year feeling stressed if I missed a planned training session and spend way more time that was healthy planning what I could or couldn't eat to make sure my macros (protein, carbs, fats) were falling to the right proportions each day, and feeling guilty and frustrated if it didn't go right.

Asian inspired salad with prawns, avocado & toasted seeds. A bit in love with all tamarind everything at the moment.

Having finally gotten back to a sort of normal set up with business (it was our office move that really put a spanner in the works this summer) and worked out what it is I am aiming for with my training, it all seems to have clicked. There's a complete lack of self-imposed pressure which in turn has left me far more relaxed and able to enjoy being active in a new way. So here I am in my happy place- I'm running regularly and have a training plan for my next upcoming challenge- my first half marathon in March, and the plan has a margin for error, injury or you know, when life gets in the way. I'm strength training, in a way that challenges me and helps with my ultimate goal of staying injury free, and I'm (mostly) comfortable with my body. I don't have visible abs, I'm only just in the 'healthy' bracket of BMI, and nobody is going to be impressed by a flex of my biceps, and all of that is ok, because I'm fit enough to run my favourite race distance, strong enough to do push ups for the first time in my life, and I'm healthy enough to enjoy my life. What a difference 2 years has made to me, but not that pink top, which incidentally still looks as good as new!

TransformationTuesday Before & After 2014:2016

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