Monday, April 24, 2017

Because Life Happens

It does. Sometimes it's great when life happens- spontaneous trips to the seaside, cycling in the sun, barbecues with with friends, your favourite movie being on TV when there's not a lot else on. Sometimes, it's a bit shit. Eye infections that blow half of your face up, allergies making running impossible, showers leaking through the ceiling and your favourite t-shirt getting a hole in it. Life happens, which is why I don't feel the need to apologise for not posting- this is my hobby, not my job and I haven't promised to do anything specific for anyone, but I have missed my blog lately and I've missed feeling inspired especially at the point in the year where business is crazy and I need something to inspire me instead of banging my head against my keyboard in the hope of salvation.

But on the plus side, there were new shoes...

Aldi Special Buy white sneakers photo 33146267123_7431c987b4_o 1_zps3xobzr0v.jpg

Aldi sneakers, £6.99 have barely left my feet since picking them up along side a couple of £2.99 pairs of sunglasses for the car.

On the hottest day of the year so far, I managed a 55k ride out into Essex. We took a wrong turn which took us up an unnecessary hill, but it's all good training right?! Any excuse for a sneaky half en route...

Trek Lexa 2013 photo 33800490971_45c84eb112_o_zpsxpmnhuhd.jpg
Very sunny Essex

The ride was the start of some allergy problems for me and running and riding took a bit of a back seat- not ideal when a 4 day weekend came along shortly after. I spent most of Easter indoors after a failed run some eye problems after a failed ride.

 photo 33356512064_7ea4c232a3_o_zpssitsubma.jpg

Fast forward to this weekend just gone, not only did I manage to bounce back with a bang- humour me, it's the first time I've EVER managed true negative splits and I am proud- but I also spent the afternoon at the finish line of the London Marathon. I signed up to volunteer for Cancer Research months ago and it was a joy- cheering people (not just CRUK runners) across the line has reawoken an almighty marathon shaped itch.

 photo 34064478962_c4567b7fa0_o_zpsxcrzbznw.jpg
London Marathon 2017

And it's on to another action packed week, of which I have a few coming up. My next big running event is just under 2 weeks away- I'm being chased through Cambridge by David Coulthard on May 7th (check out details of the Wings Race right here if you're interested, I think there's still time to enter) and I'll be volunteering as a marshall at the Hackney Half this Sunday- smile and wave if you'll be there, I'll be somewhere at Hackney Marshes. I'm also off to Be:Fit, a women's fitness festival, I got lucky and won tickets thanks to MyProtein and I'm excited to have nose and maybe treat myself to some new kit.

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