Monday, May 1, 2017

Month In Review: April 2017

Last May  Day Bank Holiday Monday I ran a 5 mile race wearing clothes far too warm for the temperatures. Today I washed glitter out of my braided hair, made naan breads, ginger biscuits and am currently staring at the rain coming down outside my living room window and wondering if it's too early to open the bottle of prosecco that's whispering my name from the fridge. Everything and nothing has changed all at the same time which is probably why I'm quietly hopeful about my application to the London Marathon ballot whilst also fully expecting not to be lucky.

As you can probably tell from this prelude, April has been a reflective month for me, so here's a recap...

Sports wise, I captured the elusive negative splits on a Friday night run after an especially tough week. It's the little things, right?

Negative splits- emotional running for the win

There was cycling this month too. It felt good to be back on my bike after a long winter away from two wheels. We used that ridiculously warm Sunday we had to explore neighbouring Essex, sneak in a half a cider at a pub and make a start on some tan lines. It was glorious until I realised I am apparently allergic to every plant and insect you can think of!

April is a big month in the running community- it hosts many of the most famous spring marathons including the London Marathon. I knew last year that I wasn't in the right headspace yet to consider my unfinished marathon business but I did sign up to  volunteer on the day with Cancer Research. It so happened that  I was posted near the finish line and it's left me certain that I'm ready to tackle another marathon and prove to myself that I can find some positivity in pushing myself through the full 26.2. You can read more about my previous experience and my thoughts on my monumental marathon sized itch in this post- click if you missed it

`I have felt totally uninspired in the kitchen recently, which is not like me at all. I haven't been interested in cooking, or even that bothered about enjoying food. It's not helped by a bit of recent weight gain- I'm a bit tubbier than I was at the start of the year and so I'm hoping a few plans lined up for May will help to kickstart a bit more enthusiasm once more for getting into the kitchen and also shifting some of the excess I know I'm currently carrying, a little uncomfortably. I have a few weeks of flying solo both at home and at work coming up which usually coincides with a renewed focus on things. Here's to a few more of these balanced Al Desko lunches- courgette fritters layered with sliced ham and a fajita bowl.

Lunch Al Desko

And then there's this weekend. A bank holiday to round off the month. It can be summed up in 2 words: GLITTER. BRAIDS.

I went to the BeFit London fitness festival on Saturday after winning tickets from MyProtein via Instagram. I'll be honest- if I'd paid for tickets to go, I'd have been disappointed, but I did treat myself to a few bits and pieces and found some interesting new food & kit brands which I'm sure you'll see some of before too long as I get to start using and enjoying them.

The highlight of my day though? Glitter braids by the Braid Bar. I've used their services before and love having my hair properly braided but the addition of glitter was sheer perfection ahead of a busy weekend. I was especially taken that it lasted so well- 3 whole days, even if I did have to go to bed with my hair wrapped in a tea towel. Seriously though... GLITTER BRAIDS.

The other highlight of my trip to BeFit was meeting possibly the friendliest woman I've ever come across. A chance quip at the bar lead to an interesting conversation with one exceptionally dynamic half of StrongHer. It was not only a pleasure to meet Lyanne who is championing women in fitness in a more accessible and diverse way than many social media magnates of our time, but she's also stirred up some fire in me to chase after a few things that have been brewing in thee back of my mind.

Volunteering seems to be a bit of a running (ha ha) theme this month. A week after VLM 2017, I found myself getting through just a tight a set of security for the Hackney Half as a volunteer marshal. I was wired for sound and really made an effort to cheer everybody as much as I could through my short section of the course around the 2 mile area. It was a beautiful day for it so I hope it was enjoyed by all- plus, glitter braids!

So, what else... Well here's a few things I've been reading that I wanted to share...

Rockalily's hair tutorial for this 'Bumper Bangs' style was everything I needed to see after my foray into a 40s night last month

This post on small ways to save money is a nice little reminder that you can look after your pennies, and the pounds might not sort themselves out but at least you'll still have some savings one way or another.

Using a TRX system to progress to a pull up. Nothing else to say except Women's Health magazine have once again got my with my eyes on the prize.

I loved Lily's Insta Outfits, not just because she's ultra classy but because it was a timely reminder that sometimes editorial style is not what you want to see and there's still a place for more relaxed formatting when it comes to fashion blogging. 

And I talked about gait analysis- do you need it, is it the ultimate problem solver, when is advice detrimental?

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