Thursday, June 29, 2017

Who Likes Short Shorts?

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write (or even say)... the length of one's running (or cycling) shorts is a critical decision. The primary issue being just how short they are- traditional loose fit shorts and the  tighter but no less short type favoured by many an Insta-Gym-Bunny are hella short. Not only are some people uncomfortable with having that much flesh on show for a multitude of valid reasons, but I'd wager that there are also many who find that the chafing problem is REAL!

I know, don't tell me I'm not writing about the hard hitting stuff right here. But seriously, shorts are a big thing as an active woman, and even though we're experiencing some shall we say.... variable summer weather, for me, it's warm enough that I've put my full length running tights into summer hibernation and it's (not so short) shorts all the way. There are companies out there making performance running kit that doesn't induce wince-worthy blisters, in fact you might have noticed a specific pair via my Instagram feed in fact...

My new favouritest favourite running shorts, meet performance women's sports brand, Threo!

I stumbled across Threo at the beginning of the year on social media. They're committed to female sport at all levels and they make some beautiful cycling and triathlon kit but what really caught my eye in the summer collection preview was the perfect pair of shorts, albeit horrendous to try and take pictures of.

Long enough to avoid the dreaded inner thigh chafing that plagues me so, zip pocket at the back (big enough for keys & debit cards/ID cards), performance fabrics, high waist, flattering shape, sensibly placed seams AND they pretty to look at. Initially I was a bit apprehensive that there was no drawstring, but after 2 months, 3 races and a lot miles, I can confirm they do in fact stay put. The waist band is super soft and all those seams you can see- they're all in places that don't chafe!

You can buy the Battersea Park shorts directly from Threo for £55 - be wary of the size guide however- the measurements suggest I need a large whilst the size equivalents suggest a medium. If in doubt, I'd be inclined to follow the suggested dress size equivalent instead of the measurement based on the fit of my own shorts.

And a final note, I haven't been paid or sponsored to write this post, I purchased my shorts with my own hard earned cash, but I do think the ladies behind Threo have created something brilliant- their message on empowering women through sport is strong and relevant and the kit they are producing features no compromise on performance and style.


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