Sunday, November 18, 2018

Confession of Marathon Training: Volume 1

As this process is starting to kick in, I'm realising more and more that I'm approaching this marathon like I've never done it before. And I can't help thinking that's probably the healthiest way to do it.


It's no secret that my 2015 marathon was a nightmare. I completed but it left me mentally a bit broken and physically it was painful. I all but said never again, but also felt for a long time like I had unfinished business with the distance, which is how I find myself with a training plan stuck to my wall and pencilled into my diary.

London Marathon Volunteering 2017

So here we go, brushing away the memories of training past, the least fit I've been in a few years, and so beginneth the Marathon Training Confessional right here...

The Good
Would you take a look at the view? In a bid to stop training feeling to chore-like, I've abandoned my tried and tested route down the canal path near the house (I usually do out and back by turning back at the half way mark) and tried a completely new running route. I wanted to feel inspired and it helps with a view likes this. 8 steady miles in the bag, a bit of vitamin D and the City skyline.


The Less Good
Did I mention, for those of you not familiar, that Alexandra Palace is at the top of a hill? I'm a native of Fenland. Where I come from is partly below sea level, it redefines whatever you think 'flat' terrain is. I used to train hills regularly, turns out just like I used to speak French, use it or lose it applies to running up hills too.... I think I've just stopped gasping!

The Ugly
Here's something you might not know... Runners (and cyclists)... we're a bit gross. Actually, there's quite a lot of gross. And today I'll leave you with this little gem...

You know when you're so thirsty your mouth starts to dry out? The next stage on from that is when the skin starts to peel off the inside of your mouth. Yum. So no... please don't ask what the white marks are on the sleeve of top. Not unless you really want to know...

And Finally...

To help with my fundraising, I have Christmas cards for sale. Made by my own fair hand with 100% of the proceeds to my fundraising.
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